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Alphard-Maritime-Ownership---MainOffshore-Shipping-Fleets by Alphard Maritime

Alphard Maritime: Ownership - Main/Offshore Shipping Fleets

For more than half a decade now, the Alphard group has been serving customer needs with innovative solutions done right, in the process developing a diverse portfolio of maritime services, and an even more extensive shipping fleet.

Alphard-Maritime-Marine-Transport-&-Logistics by Alphard Maritime

Alphard Maritime: Marine Transport & Logistics

Alphard Maritime is an integrated marine transport logistics company. As one of the global leaders in shipping services, the company operates in countries across the Indian sub-continent, South East Asia, and the Middle East, and employs more than a thousand people.

Antila-Ship-Management-Offshore-Fleet by Alphard Maritime

Antlia: Ship Management / Offshore Fleet

Antlia Marine Management DMCC, headquartered in Dubai, is a sister concern of Alphard and was established in 2014. We have a global presence and has been managing the diversified type of vessels in main and offshore fleet efficiently. Our team manages Tankers, Dry Cargo Vessels, Offshore Support Vessels, and Coastal Cargo Transporting Vessels trading across the globe.

Alphard-Maritime-Supplier---Marine-Construction-Material by Alphard Maritime

Alphard Maritime: Supplier - Marine Construction Material

Alphard believes in delivering turnkey solutions to its customers and being one stop solution toensure operational efficacy.Alphard is one of the major supplier of construction materials in GCC region and Indian Sub-Continent.

Alphard-Maritime-Marine-Offshore-Construction by Alphard Maritime

Alphard Maritime: Marine Offshore Construction

Alphard Maritime not only provide marine assets and construction materials but also participates in Offshore Construction projects in Middle East and Indian sub-continent.

Athena-Dry-Cargo-Chartering by Alphard Maritime

Athena: Dry Cargo Chartering

Athena Shipping, with its offices in Dubai, Singapore, Athens, and India, was started in 2017 as Dry Cargo Chartering division.Athena offers competitive & efficient freight solutions to our clients across the globe and has moved over 12 million tons of cargo till now.

Altair-Dry-Docking-&-Ship-Repairs by Alphard Maritime

Dry Dock & Ship Repairs

Ships these days cost millions of dollars to build and then occasionally, like everything else on the planet, they require maintenance too. This maintenance happens in dry dock.

Antila-Commercial-Ship-Management-WetDry Offshore by Alphard Maritime

Antlia: Commercial Ship Management - Wet/ Dry/ Offshore

At Antlia we strive for scaled development, globalization, and strong competitiveness. Our company has bases across major ports in the Indian Ocean to cover the entire subcontinentís domestic shipping market. We have established a fleet of close to 100 vessels, with a carrying capacity of over a million TEUs. We are already established with shipping lines throughout South East Asia, South Asia, and The Middle East.

service-five by Alphard Maritime

Marine Offshore construction

We have our own agency to service clients in Sri Lanka. Following are the services offered by us

Alphard-Offshore-Diving by Alphard Maritime

Diving Services: Offshore/Inshore

Alphard has been providing diving services for more than a decade now, with services ranging from welding inspections to underwater construction. You name it, we can do it.

Alphard-Maritime-UTGNTD by Alphard Maritime

UTG/NDT Services

It is the first of our services from which we entered into the Shipping industry. Alphard Maritime started its journey of serving clients with UTG / NDT since 2009.

Alphard-Maritime-Radio-Equipment-&-Survey by Alphard Maritime

Radio & Survey Equipment

Based on recent developments in maritime communications, such as satellites and digital technology, Alphard is designed to ensure maximum availability of safety-related communication for all passenger ships as well as for cargo vessels of 300 GT and upwards engaged in international voyages.*

Sea-Pro-SmagPeiner-Middle-East-Representative by Alphard Maritime

Sea-Pro: Smag/ Peiner Middle East Representative

SeaPro is one of the pioneering companies in the field of petroleum and marine services in the Middle East and Africa, that was established in 2004 in Alexandria, Egypt.

Alphard-Audits,-Surveys-&-Inspections by Alphard Maritime

Audits, Surveys & Inspections

We assist ship owners to take preventive, proactive, and corrective measures to either eliminate or minimize any kind of accidents/ incidents and near miss.