Alphard Offshore: Diving

We have been successfully carrying our Diving & Underwater services since a year now. Our diving managers & Supervisors are commercial divers with over 25 years of diving experience, who add extensive amount of value to our client's needs. Following are our Core strengths;

·         We have our own dedicated Dive boats which are fully equipped (Alphard 7, Alphard 16, Alphard 25 and Alphard 34)

·         Equipped with our own DIVING SPREADS on board which requires NO loading time

·         A Panel of 3 Diving Men with Surfaced Supplied Air which are provided for the working diver

·         2 TV screens for Diving supervisor to monitor the diving activities carried out on each boat

·         1 TV screen for Client representative in a cabin with air conditioning and comfortable seats to watch the diving work for any kind of inspection

·         We have our own HPU and pair of powerful brush cards from Piccard

·         Special Brushes for use on Silicon Paint

·         4 KMB band Mask 18 to tackle Hull cleaning – CCTV inspections & Propeller Polishing to Rupert “A” grade

·         HSE part 2 certified Diving Supervisor with over 1000 dives logged

·         HSE part 1 certified Lead Diver

·         Dedicated diving operational team to manage from on shore

·         Class approved with ABS, LR, DNV-GL, NKK, BV and for In Water Survey inspection (UWILD) we are in process to get approval with IR, KR, and RINA

·         Always finding ways to improve our services with client`s detailed feedback

·         Tug Inspections, maintenance & salvage in water removal of wire chain and line from running gear

·         Class (UWIL Inspection) and vessel inspection, maintenance, salvage, pressure/patching and shipping

·         Hull cleaning of any kind of fouling condition (laid up)

·         Loss Anchor search (Anchorage & OPL)

·         Bow thruster cleaning and polishing

·         Side sonar scan and recovery

·         Cutting & welding services

·         Propeller polishing

·         Sea chest cleaning

·         Hydrographic surveys



Whistleblowing occurs when an employee or worker provides certain types of information, to the employer/Organisation, which has come to their attention through work. The whistleblower is usually not directly, personally affected by the danger or illegality, although they may be. Whistleblowing is therefore ‘making a disclosure in the public interest’ and occurs when a worker raises a concern about danger or illegality that affects others, for example our clients or deployed staff. A clear policy and procedure is in place for dealing with the raising of issues. Additionally, Alphard Maritime are committed to reducing the risk of whistleblower discrimination and help prevent serious concerns of information or claims being mishandled, whether by the employee or by the organisation. It is also important for all parties to understand that there will be no adverse repercussions for raising cases with the Organisation.

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