Chartering & Commercial

We own a large fleet of 17 Tugs & 16 Barges increasing by the minute; these are being successfully carrying out commercial operations in the Arabian Gulf. Alphard Maritime differs from other commercials marine entities due to the fact that our senior management staff is drawn from Master Mariners, Marine Engineers and Naval Architects. It also has a well-trained team of professionals and support staff who monitor all our daily operations with an expertise drawn from the experiences learnt over years of service at sea and ashore. They bring the same collective expertise to the fore because we know time is crucial and the ability to interdict and resolve issues is a central element to a commercially viable operation for our charters & shippers.

We hire vessels on Time Charter as well to help owners to fix their assets on Charters.

We are actively expanding Operating bases to include key maritime hubs in other countries to include bespoke marine solution which is not restricted to one region.

ALPHARD TUGS                                          

·         VICTORIA          
·         AM ACCORD
·         TENAGA MAJU
·         OCEANLEC 263    
·         OCEANLEC 322
·         AM AFFABLE
·         AM AFFINITY  
·         AM AVID
·         SYMPHONY 5
·         RS POONAM
·         AGT 1601  
·         AGT 1802
·         AGT 2403
·         AGT 2405
·         AGT 2406
·         AGT 2407

ALPHARD BARGES                                 

·         AM METTLE
·         AM MAJESTIC
·         OLYMPIC SEBUKU  
·         OLYMPIC TELEN  
·         AZ QINGDAO  
·         AZ KUNMING  
·         AM MERMAID
·         SURYA CAKRA 19
·         AM MANUMIT
·         BUANA A1
·         BUANA A2
·         BUANA A3
·         BUANA A5
·         BUANA A6
·         BUANA A7

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