Alphard Maritime: Marine Offshore Construction

Alphard Maritime not only provide marine assets and construction materials but also participates in Offshore Construction projects in Middle East and Indian sub-continent.

Alphard Maritime has participated and completed myriad projects including:
: LNG Terminal - Bahrain
: LNG Terminal - Kuwait
: Al Faw breakwater project - Iraq
: Metro rail and road projects - Qatar
: Das Island - Qatar
: JSW Project- India
: The Heart of Europe - UAE
: Resort development - Maldives

Some of the prestigious projects Alphard would be working across globe:
: CHHARA LNG Terminal Development– India
: L&T Chattrapati Shivaji Project - India



Whistleblowing occurs when an employee or worker provides certain types of information, to the employer/Organisation, which has come to their attention through work. The whistleblower is usually not directly, personally affected by the danger or illegality, although they may be. Whistleblowing is therefore ‘making a disclosure in the public interest’ and occurs when a worker raises a concern about danger or illegality that affects others, for example our clients or deployed staff. A clear policy and procedure is in place for dealing with the raising of issues. Additionally, Alphard Maritime are committed to reducing the risk of whistleblower discrimination and help prevent serious concerns of information or claims being mishandled, whether by the employee or by the organisation. It is also important for all parties to understand that there will be no adverse repercussions for raising cases with the Organisation.

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